Joint WG3b/SOILVEG meeting

organized: March 2015, at Offenbach

author title document
Jan-Peter Schulz Update on TERRA developments within the CLM-Community pdf
Edouard Davin Update on COSMO-CLM2 pdf
Daniel L├╝thi Status of EXTPAR pdf
Grzegorz Duniec, Andrzej Mazur Parameterization of soil processes: "bare soil" results pdf
Juergen Helmet TERRA: Soil Vegetation Atmosphere Transfer across Models and Scales pdf
Ekaterina Kazakova, Inna Rozinkina, Mikhail Chumakov Quasi-operational technology for preparation of initial values of Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) and Snow Density for COSMO-Ru (PT SNOWE) pdf
G. Vogel, P. Shrestha and J.-P. Schulz Sensitivity studies on the impact of the vegetation layer on soil and surface temperatures at Falkenberg site pdf